To be The Global Leader in the bullion market

To maximize the wealth generating capability of the firm in the competitive environment

"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple but only a visionary can count all the apples in one seed" -- truly so when Suresh Kumar Jain, Satyanarayana Kodidasu and Sai Ravi Teja Kodidasu joined hands to run SVBC GOLD at Visakhapatnam in INDIA. The origin of the firm's business dates back to the year 1998, in the name of Visakha Bullion Corporation. Subsequently it was registered as SVBC GOLD

SVBC GOLD is registered member of MCX for more than a decade.

Aged and matured in the wisdom of tradition and experience, portraying trust in the market, accountability in operations, reliability in service and transparent and honest dealings with customers, the SVBC GOLD took off to a flying start and has since been scaling newer untouched heights.

Commencing operations in Visakhapatnam, the firm opened five branches in Vijayawada, Secunderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai and Srikakulam which have all been synonymous to bullion in these cities, has made SVBC GOLD a market leader.

With its commitment to be the best and the zeal to operate nationally, SVBC GOLD merits such by drawing ambitious plans of opening more branches in the future.

With this background of three generations of tradition and trade knowledge and the principle 'Market Respect through Honesty', Mr. Suresh Kumar Jain entered the family business of Gold in 1980. Together they took the business forward and achieved greater success.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Jain took further strides and was appointed in 1997 as a Certified Official Gold Valuer and he acquired a keen interest in the bullion trade which led to the starting of SVBC GOLD as a Partner.

Some of the coveted posts he holds are he is The President of Visakha Jain Association, AP wing President of India Bullion and Jewellry Association (IBJA), Member of Jain International Trade Organization(JITO) and Managing Partner of Navaratna Estates, Visakhapatnam.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Jain is also a philanthropist and the force behind the Mahavir International Charitable Trust,Visakhapatnam.

From a humble beginning, Mr.Satyanarayana Kodidasu is a first generation entrepreneur in the bullion trade with a solid market understanding since 1995. As an analyst, he studies extensively the bullion market and forecasts future trends. Having experienced every activity associated with gold trading, he has gained all the required skills and knowledge to be successful and has built a substantial customer base. When it comes to bullion, his technical analysis gives his customers the extra edge which is evident in the market confidence he commands so much so that most of the traders in AP transact in gold on the screen rates fixed by him in SVBC GOLD.

The successful story of Mr.Satyanarayana Kodidasu’s growth is but only a mirror image of SVBC GOLD since 2011. His vision and foresight coupled with sheer hard work and dedication has truly given him the Midas touch.

The young twenty two year old SAI RAVI TEJA KODIDASU, the eldest son of Satyanarayana Kodidasu, was inducted into SVBC GOLD as a partner. Teja graduated with Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Teja has taken active role in family business, even from his younger age, and he has developed a deep knowledge of Bullion industry. He is a member of Round Table India.